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Solar Batteries

Use all of your Stored Energy with a Solar Battery

  • Maximise the amount solar energy that you can use
  • Lower your energy bills
  • Reduce your reliance on energy suppliers
  • Protect your home with a backup power supply
  • Easily install into existing solar panel systems
    A solar battery enables you to store the energy generated by your panels so you can use it later (e.g. at night or during a blackout) rather than sending it back to the National Grid. This means you need to buy even less energy from your supplier and can save more money on your energy bills.

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    Solar panels will only produce electricity when there is sunlight, so at night or when it’s particularly cloudy or dark you may not have the energy you need to power your home.

    This is normally when you would need to buy electricity. However, by installing a solar battery you can store any surplus solar energy you generate during the day and keep hold of it for when it’s needed.

    You’ll have more access to free energy and less need to buy from an energy provider, reducing your bills even further.

    Which Solar Batteries are Best?

    Solar storage is now far more affordable and a number of leading manufacturers offer batteries as part of their range.

    The batteries themselves can be mounted on the wall or floor-standing and can range in size from units which are similar to microwaves all the way up to refrigerators.

    The storage capacity will vary from 1kWh to 14kWh with most homes only needing one battery.

    Best Solar Battery Brands

    The table below shows the leading solar battery manufacturers on the market today:

    Battery Dimensions Storage Capacity Mounting Warranty
    Solarcentury Solar Battery Storage 45 x 40 x 12cm 3.3kWh Wall-mounted 10 years
    Powervault Lithium-ion G200 50 x 58 x 82cm 2kWh, 4kWh, 6kWh Floor-standing 10 years
    E.On Storage 45 x 43 x 10cm 2.4kWh, 9.8kWh Wall-mounted 10 years
    Tesla Powerwall 2.0 76 x 115 x 16cm 13.5kWh Floor-standing 10 years
    Samsung Energy Storage 100 x 27 x 68cm 3.6kWh Floor-standing 5 years

    The battery needs to be the right size for your solar panels so make sure you seek professional advice when selecting and installing a solar battery storage system. Get free quotes now.

    Some are DC batteries which need to be connected directly to your solar panels and others are AC batteries which are connected to your electricity meter. If you already have solar panels in place but are looking to install a solar battery you will probably be recommended an AC battery as they are simpler to retrofit.

    How Much Does a Solar Battery Cost?

    A solar battery storage system usually costs between £1,000 to £6,000 depending on the storage capacity and brand. For example, the Powervault Lithium-ion G200 has a capacity of 2kWh and costs around £2,500 but the Tesla Powerwall, with 13.5kWh capacity, is £6,000.

    These prices do not include installation costs which will vary depending on the supplier you choose.

    It’s important to get at least 3 installation quotes so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal on the market. Get free quotes now.

    Things to Consider…

    • Some models are quite large and may take up a significant amount of space in your home
    • Batteries do not last as long as solar panels; they include up to 10 years warranty and will need replacing
    • The battery will need monitoring to ensure it is operating effectively and safely e.g. keeping its charge level at the ideal level, storing it at the correct temperature and carrying out regular gassing and power boosts.
    • A solar battery storage system will reduce the amount of energy you need to buy from energy suppliers but it won’t replace it completely.
    • Solar Battery Types

      Lithium Ion or Lead Acid? Solar batteries technology is either Lithium-ion or Lead-acid. Lead-acid is the more traditional option but Lithium-ion delivers a longer life for the battery and operates at a higher efficiency, but it is more costly than lead-acid.

      AC or DC? Some solar batteries are AC which means they are connected to your electricity meter, not your solar panels, and are therefore easier to retrofit if you have solar panels already in place. You also need to install an inverter alongside an AC battery to convert the electricity to DC. A DC needs to be connected at the same time as solar panels, before the electricity meter, but does not require an inverter.

      IMPORTANT: Your solar battery needs to be the right voltage for your home for safety reasons. We highly recommend consulting with multiple professional installers about your needs before reaching a final decision. Get free quotes now.

    Who makes the best solar batteries?
    The solar battery market is rapidly growing as more manufacturers start looking at ways to innovate and address some of the challenges within the solar power industry.The leading manufacturers available to the UK market are listed below.
    The SonnenBatterie is a German innovation and claims to have a minimum lifespan of 10,000 charging cycles. It comes in storage sizes ranging from 2 kWh to 16 kWh depending on the size and energy needs of your household
    The Powervault could be described as the UK’s answer to Tesla’s Powerwall. It has been designed specifically to suit the average British household with a unit the same size as a washing machine. It claims to be the lowest cost…
    Electric car company, Tesla, launched their solar storage battery, Powerwall in 2015 which has a 6.4 to 10 kWh storage capacity and claims to power a home for eight hours. In October 2016 Tesla launched the Powerwall 2.0 with 14…
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