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Installation and Maintenance

If you’re considering installing a solar panel system for your home you will probably be wondering exactly what’s involved. While each installation is unique to each home and will vary from installer to installer, here’s a general overview of what it is involved in fitting solar panels. The whole installation should be completed in 1-2 days.

Firstly, it’s important that the installer you choose is MSC accredited. This means they have the expertise and experience to assess exactly what size and type of system is best for your home, can install it to ensure maximum efficiency and you’ll be able to receive FIT payments from the government.

They will visit your home to provide an estimate for the work needed and should talk you through each stage of the installation process, including how long it will take. It’s a very good idea to get quotes from at least 2 installers so you can compare their costs and customer recommendations.

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1. Scaffolding

Depending on the size of your home the installer may need to put scaffolding up in order to reach the roof. However, it’s not always necessary for smaller buildings like bungalows. Scaffolding may be put up by a different company (sourced by your installer) a day or two before the installation begins.

2. Hooks and Frames

The installer will fit hooks or anchors to yours roof which will hold up metal rails which are usually aluminium. These rails will form a frame for the solar panels to be fitted onto.

3. Attaching Solar Panels and Wiring

The panels will then be clamped onto the frame and connected with electrics to the inverter. There should be as little wiring visible as possible. This inverter will be installed in your home and connected to your existing electricity supply. The inverter converts the DC input from the solar panels into AC power which you can use to power your home. Your electricity may need to be turned off during this part of the process.

4. Checks

When everything is set up your installer will carry out safety checks and get the system running. They will also check that the system is performing to the efficiency that was quoted. You should also receive documentation, manuals and details of the warranty.

5. MCS Registration

The final stage is to register your solar panel system with Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Your installer will do this for you and provide you with the certification you need in order to apply for the Feed-in Tariff rewards.

Every installer in our network is MCS certified. In addition, we regularly monitor and review their customer feedback to ensure you will only be contacted by reputable companies which can deliver the best quality service.

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